Do you have any idea about teeth grillz? If you aren’t into hip hop or R&B, you must not be aware of them. These mouth devices are worn like jewelry by famous hip hop artists or celebrities. Nowadays, these are becoming very popular. In earlier times, some people liked to place one or two gold pieces in their dentures. But, now gold will be placed as dental grillz in your mouth. Many people won’t use this luxurious item. These pieces of jewelry can be overemphasized with the help of some innovative designs or bejeweled with diamonds or Swarovski crystals. They will twinkle or flash with lights. People have used this Grillz since 1980. Nowadays, it handled differently. It has become one of the hottest trends. You might observe a rapper having mouth Grillz while performing. It may depict that his album is running well in the market. He can afford that luxury item even if the cost is $25000. Some of them also cost more.

Not everyone likes this grillz. Some find it ridiculous. It’s not a fascination for everyone. Some also consider as a mockery wearing gold in their mouth to look better in their appearance. Although, many artists consider it just as a social statement as a life of musicians. This grillz go different with different people. They have their way of seeing things.

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