Root canal therapy can cause cancer”, have you ever gone through such statements online? Don’t worry if you have read such lines because it does not. It really helps in saving a decayed tooth that would otherwise have been lost. The decay of teeth is caused mainly due to bacteria. They produce acids and dissolve the enamel creating a hole or cavity. This cavity can further infect your innermost layer of the tooth, which is the pulp created of nerves and blood vessels. If the situation is not controlled, it will reach your root canals and ultimately your bones. 

Root canal treatment will stop this from happening by diagnosing it. The treatment starts by giving you a local anesthetic and a small hole is drilled to reach the innermost area. All the diseased tissues are removed and the area is cleaned and disinfected. The empty space is then filled and the hole is sealed. A crown is placed further to protect the teeth. 

Root canal dentistry has saved millions of teeth from getting extracted. So, definitely it offers a beneficial effect rather than posing some health danger. Research, various studies, and experiments have been conducted to determine that root canal treatment doesn’t cause cancer. So, if your dentist recommends you root canal, don’t panic or get scared regarding the procedure because it is done to save your tooth from further damage. It will improve tooth health instead of harming it further.

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