Have you ever come across online that getting root canal treatment leads to cancer? If yes, don’t be scared because it doesn’t. The actual work of root canal specialist is to save your infected or damaged tooth which would have otherwise been lost.The reason for tooth decay is acid produced due to bacteria which dissolves our enamel and causes a hole or cavity. This doesn’t finish here; the decay further moves into the innermost layer of the teeth called the pulp that is filled with nerves and blood vessels. If the situation is not checked, the infection travels inside the root canal and finally infect your bones.

Root canal therapy will stop this infection before it reaches that far. The procedure starts with giving a local anaesthetic and then drilling a small hole into your tooth to get accessibility to the pulp chamber. The diseased tissues are then removed and the gap is disinfected and space is placed with a filling to prevent any further infection. The access hole is sealed and then a crown is placed to add protection and stabilization.

Root canal treatment is responsible for saving millions of teeth and that’s not an exaggeration. If it has such benefits, then how can it pose a danger to health? This came from an early theory by a dentist who was later proved to be wrong. The American Medical Association says there is no risk of cancer after a root canal therapy. So, if you are recommended a root canal therapy, don’t be scared and get it as soon as possible to save your teeth.

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