Our Technology

Advanced technology helps Deluxe Dental deliver optimal care to all our patients. By putting the best tools in the talented hands of our dentists and their staff, we help our patients achieve the quality results in the fastest, most convenient and comfortable way that modern dental technology allows.

iTero Digital Impressions

Biting down into impression material is unpleasant. It’s messy and it can make you gag. Plus it’s slow and wasteful.

With our advanced iTero digital impressions, all we have to do is wave a wand over your teeth (literally!) to create a 3D digital image of them. We can use this image to plan your Invisalign procedure, or send it to the lab so they can use it in making your veneers, crowns, and other restorations.

Not only do you have to bite down in a tray of gross goo, digital impressions take a fraction of the time and can be sent to the lab immediately so you get your restorations faster!

CBCT 3D X-Rays

CBCT is a special x-ray technique that lets us see your jaw structure in 3D so we can plan your dental implant procedure before we start. This leads to more accurate procedures and it makes your procedure faster, since we don’t have to do any exploratory surgery.

Having our own CT scanner benefits our patients. We don’t have to refer them to another facility, and our scanner is designed for dental work. It gives highly detailed images of the areas we want to see, delivers a lower radiation dose, and has a nice open design that isn’t claustrophobic like full-body CT scanners.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Your body has an amazing capacity for healing, and using platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) helps us utilize that capacity to improve your results from dental implant procedures.

PRF is an all-natural resource derived from your own blood. We take some of your blood and put it in a centrifuge to separate it into different components. Then we take the part of the blood that has the most platelets and infection-fighting white blood cells and apply it at the surgical site. This helps your body start healing faster and fight off infection. This cuts your healing period and improves the odds of success for your dental implants.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

In the past, dental crowns and ceramic fillings had to be sent to a lab. But with CEREC technology, we can craft beautiful, durable ceramic restorations while you wait. We take digital images of your teeth and use them to design your crown. We send the design to our computer-controlled mill, which creates it from a block of high-quality ceramic.

No temporary crowns. No second visit for fitting. Enjoy precise, custom-crafted ceramic restorations with same-day convenience.

Learn How Our Technology Can Help You

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